Insurpect - Transparent Goals

As with the old days of doing robust, competitive and aggressive transacting on the stock market floor, where a trader had a buyer’s slip in his hand and could see all the offerings and figures being shouted and waved before them, INSURPECT gives members the luxury of this modern day version of instantaneous transparency.

At your fingertips, and on your screen, as a member you have a plethora and abundance of real time information to help you secure a closing, whether you are receiving or sharing a referral, or sourcing a product to satisfy a specific need, to secure a closing. When logged in, your INSURPECT dashboard conveys up to the second statistics and data including all of your existing outgoing and incoming opportunities, referrals reporting, accounting, as well as quick links, system stats, and financial stats tracking all of your opportunity and referral earnings.

INSURPECT - Integrated
Gain access to unlimited outgoing and incoming opportunities & referrals and be a part of the most potent insurance contact, information and profit sharing tool in the world.
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