Our unique and revolutionary platform funnels all of your efforts, expenses, and outreaches in order to secure closings, and harnesses the ultimate power of referrals agents and brokers, and all other insurance industry professionals.

Imagine being able to fulfill and close the needs of 100 per cent of the business that comes your way.  Then also imagine a new and never ending source of new business ‘virtually’ and literally walking through your door, from other insurance agents and brokers unable to fulfill their clients’ insurance needs.   Sound too good to be true?   Not at all, it is even better, it is in fact the primary functionality of our INSURPECT Grid.

Our Grid is about facilitating, connecting, and leveraging the power and scope of the combined and vast insurance landscape.  At your fingertips, INSURPECT functions like the motherboard of the insurance industry.  With the sending of a prompt, your request will instantaneously circulate around our grid at light speed, and will secure a closing for your client, and instead of losing a customer, you secure a portion of the commission on the closing.

Being a member of our Grid also ensures perpetual introductions to new business and endless opportunities to close new policies, that your fellow insurance professionals have been unable to process and accommodate. In turn, this rewards new customers with the coverage they seek, and pays you a well-deserved commission, and gratifies a fellow insurance industry associate with a referral fee they would normally have not received.

No more solely relying on traditional means of walk-ins, potential over the phone phone clients, buying referrals, local networking groups, and online media campaigns.  No more fighting a losing battle, and celebrating 40 per cent closings as being a great day.  INSURPECT is here to fill your closing voids, and all of this happens before your very eyes, in real time transparency.

Insurpect Grid