Insurpect - Integrated Concepts

Your resources, opportunities, and networking base is instantaneously broadened, and forever growing as part of our collective. Every day your possibilities of closing new business for your existing customer base is immeasurably strengthened. As is your window of opportunity to embrace waves of new business and customers, and potentially carve out new niches in your business, thanks to this constant and daily flow of new commerce.

The insurance industry is not merely one industry. It encompasses numerous and endless forms of risk evaluation and management. These include automotive, household, property, employee, health, commercial, income protection, burial, casualty, numerous forms of professional liability, and other categories that are so niche, most people would have never heard of them. Our Grid is not only about integrating members of varying and diverse insurance backgrounds and functionalities, it is about integrating all existing and imaginable insurance products, needs and risk assessments.

Most customers are not insurance savvy and assume an insurance professional can cover the entire spectrum of insurance needs. Most insurance professionals know that this is not the case, and they simply cannot help all customers with all of their needs. With INSURPECT they now can, and be rewarded for being part of our Grid, and being empowered by the collective of members they have at their fingertips.

INSUREPCT - Transparent
Gain access to unlimited outgoing and incoming opportunities & referrals and be a part of the most potent insurance contact, information and profit sharing tool in the world.
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