About The Idea

Quite simply, the internet has revolutionized nearly every aspect of our lives.  Almost every way we engage in new business, and just about every way we access products, services in every industry from banking, to retail and travel.  Almost.  To date there has not been a platform for the insurance sphere to connect, galvanize, and profit and share the wealth from doing so, in interacting with all other industry websites and online platforms.

Using the online travel booking industry as an example, and citing powerful websites such as Expedia, Kayak, Hotels, and Trivago as a benchmark, the reasons these websites flourish is connectivity, and funneling as many travel and booking resources, search engines, websites and other artificial intelligence into their own realms and capabilities.  INSURPECT embraces and builds on this very dynamic and philosophy, and channels all facets of the insurance industry, and all of its powerful insurance companies, and all the diverse products on offer, and its many underwriters, agents, brokers and resellers, into one online ‘virtual trading floor’.

INSURPECT is the 21st century insurance circuit board equivalent of the old days of the stock exchange trading floor.  We value each new purchase request from a customer / buyer in the same manner, once physically announced, this offer should be circulated among a sea of all suitable products, brokers and resellers, with the most efficient and ultimate goal of securing a closing.

While there are existing insurance websites consumers have access to, they are not as broad as the options, and effectiveness of sites such as Expedia and Kayak in the travel industry.  These insurance websites have minimal access to the overall insurance universe on offer online.  This is due to the fact that the behind the scenes infrastructure and mechanism of connecting the industry that allows the delivery of such endless options for consumers, has not been in existence.  Until now.  We are that very industry and mechanism for the insurance market, and all of its professionals.

Who We Are

We are the world’s first online conduit for revolutionizing the way insurance is browsed, sourced, shopped and secured.  Electronic share trading revolutionized the stock market decades ago, spawning new titles such as the ‘day trader’ describing individuals in the investment sector, who transact in stock trading and brokerage opportunities, and reap the rewards of each transaction.

INSURPECT delivers this very dynamic and platform in the insurance sphere, by facilitating opportunities and referrals that empower its members to execute sales strategies across their organization. Our vision is to revolutionize opportunity and referral management. Our mission is to empower our members to transform their opportunities into ‘Members Making More Money’ collectively.

From the quintessential insurance professional, to the savvy, motivated sales person looking to optimize, and consolidate their broad network of business and personal contacts, who are also looking to maximize their insurance dollars to the fullest, INSURPECT creates a healthy competition for every insurance dollar on offer.  Every aspect of a perspective policy is explored and optimized from all parties, and anybody can become an INSURPECT member, and reap the rewards.

INSURPECT is about helping one another, on a personal and professional level.  We are about establishing, harnessing and connecting a pool of experienced and seasoned members, who are insurance professionals, underwriters, brokers, agents, and customers.

Whether you are buying, selling, or brokering an insurance policy, or you are an individual or company that are capable of contributing referrals from any side of the insurance equation, we are the ideal platform for you and all entities to profit from the best insurance deals available on the open market.

Our Promise to You

Speaking as founder and chief executive of INSURPECT, we have built a business on hard work, integrity and principles: be honest, be fair and deliver on every promise.

We are fortunate to have worked with some of the best companies in the world over the past 30+ years, and we are grateful for their support. We hear from our clients regularly that, even in today’s highly competitive world, INSURPECT stands alone as the one company that never compromises on quality or service.

We are proud of our reputation and strive to exceed expectations. We focus on you and your needs and take the initiative to make things better. Our website tells the stories about our products, services and expertise, but we believe the most important story is about our people. We are very fortunate to be surrounded by extremely dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced and passionate people. Each one brings something unique and valuable to our process and they exhibit a level of care about their work that is refreshing, respected and appreciated.

We promise to provide the highest quality service, exceptional delivery and extraordinary results, and will do so in a manner that provides you and your company with a superb value.

If you are an INSURPECT member, we thank you.
If you are new to INSURPECT, take a look at our site and let us know how we can help you.

You have our assurance that your decision to work with INSURPECT will be one that you will be pleased with. You have our promise.


Maurice Lange
Founder & CEO